21 and have had sex only once. I don't have virgin stereotypes. Opinions?

So what do you think of this fact? Even that one "sex" that I had was not a really exciting one, because the girl didn't turn me on too much. I just pushed my wong in her V. Well, perhaps it's not the biggest glory, never mind. Sorry.

I'm good looking in general: I trim my beard regularly, clip nails shower, teeth etc. so i care about myself.

I wonder what you girls think of these in general? I know that this is by far not descriptive but anyway.

I Like talking about anything. Especially if it's something human/social related; but also interested in tech topics.


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  • first how do you look, honestly are you reaching out of your league think about it to your self, and dont wait for girls to come to you, you have to hit on them thats what they usually want and yes us ladies like a clean well shaved guy


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  • Are you getting out there? Are you being intentional when you talk to girls? Girls aren't just going to flock to you, you have to be willing to make the first move!


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