Just had a 3rd date, should I be direct in asking if we have potential or not?

I met a guy that I really like and am attracted to. We had sex on the second date (mistake #1), had a short 3rd date (potential mistake #2) and now were just texting back a forth everyday (mistake-ish #3). He does make it a point to talk to me daily but I am craving for a little more stability between us. I keep hearing that asking if we're going anywhere is a bad idea but I can't take not knowing like this. I'm very tempted to just ask but I don't want to sound like I'm needy.


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  • It sounds like you are in the same position that I have been in a million times... I have never asked a guy what was going on between us so they never made it serious.. They used to just string me along until they lost intrest completely... So maybe just wait till you see him face to face again before you ask... Why were the next dates mistakes for you?

    • Yeah, I think I'm going to wait until we see each other again before I spring this on him. I feel like our 3rd date was a mistake because we didn't have any sort of real conversation. Just watched a movie, had sex and then he left. I feel like this is becoming a casual sex kind of thing and I'm not with it at all.

    • I think if this is already is attitude then he might think of this as a casual sex thing...

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  • If you have to ask, then its going nowhere. You shouldn't have to ask where is this going, you know already know the answer by now.


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