What does she mean by this? "Of all the people who are whipped... it's you!"?

So this is a very abbreviated story (for the whole story you have to look at my other questions).

I have my best friend of 3 years. A month and a half ago, I asked her out. I caught her way off guard, and so she asked for some time to think about it, which is fair. (NOTE: Several other friends have asked her out since I've known her and she's always given a hard and fast no.) We hang out usually 2 times a week. About a month after asking her, I ask her to hang out and she asks if it's a date... So I ask her what she's thinking about and why she asked me that. She says she wants to make sure we're on the same page and I ask which page that is. She says I'm still thinking about you asking me out.

So this last week, we went for beach week with two other friends and rented a house. One of the guys we went with got into trouble with his girlfriend (who didn't come with us) and I made a comment about him being "pussywhipped"... and she came back to say "of all the people who are whipped... it's you!" and currently I'm single so naturally I asked "by who?" and she raised her hand... obviously meaning her. We're not going out sooooo... WTF is this all about?

Also note: As an aside, every time I seem to be trying to move on from her as a romantic interest she always seems to sense it and say something to keep me chasing after her. I can't seem to decipher if she's really into me as more than friends, or if she's just a flirt.


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  • haha, she wants and enjoys the attention she is getting from boys. she has you wrapped around her little finger. "raises her hand" she is loving thinking that she has you where she wants you.. she is a flirt and loves all the attention you are giving her. it looks like she is stringing you on.. what she is still thinking about you asking her out.. then makes a funny comment saying you are whipped by her. She is a player tbh. telling someone they are whipped from yourself.. its stupid.
    it makes me think.. if she really actually likes you because she is saying about she needs loads of time to think.. having you fancying her and bend over backwards for her is enough for her.

    Good luck and you sound like a nice genuine guuy, so if she is playing you.. well shame on her.


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  • She was obviously flirting. She wasn't be totally serious, she just wanted to see how you'd react. So yeah, she loves the attention, but don't give her too much. She's just playing hard to get. Anyway, I'd say she likes you or at least likes knowing that you like her.


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