I think she wants to be more than friends but I don't want to, how can I let her know without it being awkward?

Ok so a couple nights ago this girl I go to college with whos friends with my roommates girlfriends messaged me on Facebook and said that we should get together sometime. I had never met her before but I was open to meeting her so I gave her my number. Long story short weve texted for a couple days and hung out together once, and she wants to hang out again, but I just don't see myself dating her. from the text she has sent me and some of the stuff she said when we hung out im pretty sure she wants to date me though. I've only been talking to her for like 3 days now and she's coming on way to strong and I don't want to lead her on or anything like that! I think she would be a cool girl to be friends with but just not someone I see myself dating long term, what should I do?


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  • Well if she really is thinking of you as a potential boyfriend, there really is no way to avoid hurting her feelings all together. Just outright say "I'm hoping we can be friends" or something now before she gets any more invested. I can't tell you if she'll accept your just friends, never talk to you again, or act weird for awhile before coming around, but I can tell you that if you continue this way without telling her there will be a huge blow up.


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