Why is it so hard to find a nice, loyal, and long term oriented girl at my age?

*I am 19.
*I am not into frivolous, fickle, or bad girl but it seems like they outnumber the good girls. The only girls who show interest in me are the provocative, dramatic, and wild types which doesn't work welll to my life style.

Should I date older women or just stick to my age range, I want someone mature and who knows what they want.


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  • You might want to talk to older girls, that could help. Also, it just depends on where you are. For instance, if it's college, there's probably not a lot or girls thinking long term like you are. I'm in the same boat and a lot of guys my age are into hookup culture now so finding someone to actually try and be together is next to impossible.

    • It kind of sucks in college when you want to find someone loyal, they're so fickle. The other day this girl and I were flirting, then I saw her and her friends going to a party. She tried to flirt with me again, I just walked away. Like I should give someone like that attention, I see her all the time and I just don't give her any attention.

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    • it's not impossible to find someone that thinks like you. i think like you do also; i have a traditional way of thinking too. and the minute i realized people didn't think like me was when i got to school and was criticized for my thinking. so i know how it feels to feel like there's no one out there that you can share your opinion with without looking like a sexist stuck in the 1950s. but you don't have to move from one extreme to another. so you can't find a girl in college that thinks like you do. you probably won't in college. everyone seems to think that your collegiate years are for you to be a jump off to as many people as you can on whatever drugs or drinks you can find, and then if you live to tell the tale proudly then that's better. that doesn't mean you absolutely have to play the game like they do. go out because you want to, because you want to see what people your age are doing. but you don't have to drag some girl home with you like everyone else around you.

    • do what you want and adapt it to what you think. hang out, but don't hook up. meet people, but not to act like you have no morals. just don't not do anything because you can't find that girl you want in school. if anything, just wait until your out of school. maybe you'll find someone like you at a job you'll have or in a different place if you plan on moving.

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  • Are you looking for a wife? If so, stick to your age group (+-2 years). If not, mostly stick to your age group unless you find some hot early 30 year old that isn't interested in anything long term... but good luck with that.

    Date around, even if they're a little different than your ideal. It's good to have someone in your life that brings you out of your comfort zone. Unless they're into needle drugs.

    • I view every relationship as preparation for marriage, nice username by the way!

    • @Asker I'm the same way. I've only been in one serious relationship as well. Going on our first year anniversary. I guess we're just old fashioned.

    • I am happy for you BlendedAmorosity, : )

      Yeah, if I can't find that one girl then unfortunately I'll be alone. I am not settling on a party animal under any circumstances.