If a guy only texts you at the end of the week to hang out, and usually at his place or mine?

Then do you think he just wants a hook-up/friends with benefits kind of relationship? I haven't actually had sex with him, but we make out pretty heavily and shirts fly, and each time he tries for more and more. Which I'm not saying I don't like... but I'm just so confused, because we talk a lot and I feel like we have a connection, but I don't know if he feels like that too? And it's only been three weeks, where we've barely talked during the week but hang out one day of the weekend well into the night, so I don't know if it's too soon to ask him about that, or will it scare him off? What I don't want is to go too far and then get hurt when he doesn't want anything else. I know he really likes me, but what does he want?

And it bothers me that he won't really text me during the week, and when we do he's enthusiastic about answering but immediately suggests plans for the weekend; making dinner at one of our places and a movie (which we never watch).

Ugh, hate this feeling. Any advice? Am I making any sense lol? Or just being crazy? Lol I totally am being crazy. I'm sorry, I just really like him! Cut me some slack haha. Anyway, ask anything if you need to know more.

  • He probably just wants someone to hook up with. >>
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  • No, there's a good chance he wants more with you. :)
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  • Dude, I have no idea; ask him!
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  • Don't ask him, you're going to freak him out.
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  • this guy def does NOT want more with you. all he's doing is biding his time until you eventually let him fuck. he's not putting no effort into this at all. your just a quick slide through sexual entertainment.

    he's not calling u just to hear ur voice
    not sending u regular conversational texts through the week
    not inviting you on dates
    shit he's not even taking u out the house during the day

    why don't y'all go to movies? out to eat? to the mall? the park? just to talk outside?

    I wouldn't waste another second with this guy. he's just in it for himself and what he thinks he can get out of you. why not spend ur time with a guy who actually likes u and values your time? why are u putting up w it when u know u want more? once a guy knows ull slide through his house and he can just come to urs hell never respect u bc u haven't shown him ur anything to respect.. sorry

    • No, don't be sorry. Thanks. We did go out on the first date, to dinner, ice cream, and then a movie. The last two dates have been us cooking at his house or mine though, and watching a movie/making out of course. He just invited me over to his place again tonight. Said I can't tonight but... I guess I don't know if I should write him off because we do talk and laugh and have a good time outside of the sexual stuff, and he's always telling me how much he likes me and how cool I am... but I'm not sure what to believe. You're totally right, he's not really trying to stay in contact with me during the week... just when he wants to hang out. What if I invited him somewhere outside the house and see if he goes for that?

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