Gave him space without him asking for it. Should I text him to show I'm still interested or let him come to me?

I was seeing this guy for a couple months and wasn't sure if I could trust him or not. He started to pull away for a couple weeks until we went on a trip to Vegas that we and some friends had planned awhile back. We had a chance to talk our last night and he told me he pulled away for a few reasons, one because he doesn't trust easy and when I hung out with friends one night it made him nervous and two because we live an hour away from each other. He told me awhile back he wasn't ready for a relationship so I was careful not to let my guard down. We had an amazing time in Vegas and after we talked he held me the entire night and on the plane home. I had a feeling he was going to need some space, because it was a long vacation and a lot to take in. I texted him the next day saying that he could trust me and that I thought the distance was a good chance to take things slow and didn't open it up for a response because i didn't want one. I haven't heard from him since, other than one snapchat that he sent to a few people. I haven't contacted him in any way or hung out with other guys but at the same time I've been hanging out with girl friends. Should I continue to give him space and let him come to me or just send a text asking how his weekend was?

I should say we both said we weren't ready for a relationship, but he still treated me like his girlfriend.


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  • So you really like this guy? I think send a 'broadcast message' saying 'pop up' or something, but only send it to him- see if he initiates the conversation! but beware, he may just be stringing you along as a backup girl, or he may only see you as a close friend! If he really likes you, he will do anything to get you! hope this helps?

    • Well I know he's not seeing anyone else and he's a really busy guy. His problem is that he doesn't trust girls. When we were good he was really into me and calls/texts all the time. I think he assumed I was keeping him as the back up.

    • Well show him that he's not the backup. Send him a text, something short, sweet and maybe even funny! something like "hey, miss me? ;) xx" just something like that! That way he knows that you're thinking of him. Drop him subtle hints that you like him