My friend kissed me and I kissed back. He said it was great. I am confused with my relationship with him now. What do I do?

We kissed but he didn't talk about our relationship status. I am confused now, he calls me "my loves" now. Should i ask him?
I am kind of afraid of rejection


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  • You either face reality or just keep playing the game. If I was you... I'd play a bit more and see where it takes you. Chances are you'll both feel different in a couple of days with some distance from the initial kiss. Unless you see each other like all the time and can't be without each other in which case... it would be like crystal clear ;)

    • Thanks. I think i'll just play with him a bit more

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  • Sounds like he jumped the gun a bit, but if you're down with it just ask him straight up, so, what are you intentions, are we exclusive, etc.


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