Flirting on Facebook

So there's this girl I really like and I wanna ask out. I don't really know if she like me that way but we talk for an hour or so every time I see her. I'm wanna send her a message, comment or something on Facebook but don't know if I should. Or If I should what to say


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  • ok,ask for her number through a chat or message. that way you can easily text her and see what she's up to on a daily basis. get her in a good mood, really flirt with her.then mention casually that your going to go out and do something (etc) and see if she would like to join you. see if that works for ya :)

  • if I liked a guy, I would sooooo much rather he do that sort of stuff in person.

    Facebook is just cheesy when it comes to real interest.

    if I didn't like the guy, id rather him ask for my # or whatever thru Facebook, then it would be easier to reject him w/o it getting awkward.

    but either way, if I were you, id do it in person. it shows you really care and that you have balls.


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