Ladies... What to do now? let it go or hard ball?

Met this girl a few weeks ago at a place we both hang out at. Went out a few times and kissed on the last date. She would text me here and there and would be very forward saying things like how i would make here day better, etc. Things that really hint to me she interested. I have reciprocated those feelings.

Last few times i have been the one who has texted first and i have received little to no replies from her. However, when i do see her in person she seems normal. last week she asked to hang out on a Friday and when it rolled around and asked what was up she said she was busy. OK. Just this past week i spoke to her for awhile and we made plans to hang out again on a friday. Well, Friday rolls around and i touch base with her and sure enough she blows me off and says we'll do something tomorrow. So i leave the ball in her court and tell her to text me because i was busy in the afternoon. haven't head from her since.

Now i will be running into to her in person this week because we do hangout in the same spot, so I was thinking of not being a douche, but at least showing some dissapointment, kind of the cold shoulder treatment. I feel i have done my part in letting her know im interested, and i feel by playing a little hard ball i might be able to see where she stands.

Good call? Would love to here some suggestions from you!


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  • i don't think you should do that because i think it would stand where it is now and you would be wasting your time because giving her the cold shoulder and ignoring her is only gonna make her think you don't like her then she's just gonna move on even if she wasn't giving you a chance i think if you want her to feel the way you felt then i think you should make her jealous by flirting with one of her friends or by giving her friends more attention then her or giving her the cold shoulder and talking to her friend she will really get affected by it but maybe try a friend that is friends with you both and then you can explain to her how you just want her to realize how u felt but to me i think giving her friend more attention then her would be the best thing to do cause your not hurting her she can't complain because ur single u can do that she can't get mad if u didn't flirt with her so i would make her friend laugh and dance with her that is harmless and will make her jealous just don't go way beyond with it when making her jealous because we want her to give u a chance but also not be mad at you


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