Giving her too much space?

So like she wants a relationship based on true love rather than sex and that's okay with me. I'm trying to give her a some space to like get to know each other more. I text her every three days or so. We went out a week ago, I'm going to ask her out this week. Is this good at keeping her wanting more? Or am I like losing her interest by not contacting her a lot?


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  • I don't think you need to distance yourself from her just because she doesn't want to have sex right away. You can still go on dates, hang out, & get to know each other. I'd personally be a little concerned about someone using the term "true love" though because I don't believe in fairy tale love. I think real love is hard work, & not everything is perfect.

    • sorry, i meant she wants to trust me and know I won't use her

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