How to ask a girl to homecoming?

So there is this girl i like, she sits next to me in class, and we are also neighbors. Should I ask her out during class? When class is over, I need ideas...


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  • Yeah just ask!! Girls love it when guys take initiative and are confident and comfortable with themselves. Try not to stutter or say um too much. Just smile, look into her eyes, and ask her. :) hope this helps! Good luck!


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  • When class is over. Just ask her:)

  • Do you know her? Have you talked to her before? Are you two friends?

    • We are both really shy towards eachother, I'm pretty sure she likes me though, we aren't really friends though. But we do talk sometimes.

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    • We do talk, just not like long conversations and stuff.

    • If she likes you like you said she does I'm sure she'll say yes. :)

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