When you guys put effort into a date, do you expect sex?

say a guy set up time up with you and cook some dinner and then watch a movie, and then try to have sex with you, but you don't want to because it's the FIRST time you've hung out and you don't know him at all, nor are you like that, especially not on a first date. that's what happened to me!

why the hell do guys think that they have the right to get sex off me the first time we hang out JUST because they set time aside to cook food and watch a movie?

any answers I've gotten on other sites, the guys seem to think that because they cooked food, they're ENTITLED to sex afterwards because they put the time and effort into making food.

I'm 21, hung out with a guy once, he hinted at sex and I said no because I got the feeling that's all he wanted me for and now he's not talking to me anymore and it appears to me that any time I ask about this, guys on here are telling me just to give it up.


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  • Honestly I think some guys are retarded in that aspect, however I will warn you females about leading us on. Holding hands is cool on a first date even a kiss...however if you make out profusly with us and then expect us not to get exited ur a bitch. Plain and simple, I generally try not to hold the thought of sex on a first date but time and time again a girl will makeout with me and start kissing on my neck and the moment a grab a feel or hint at sex I turn into this asshole monster sex fiend...not cool at all and fyi I don't have horns or tentacles just cause I like the attention you decided to give me.


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  • oh hell no. lol, good job.

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