Next-Door Neighbour Romance?

My next-door neighbour and I are friends, and we talk sometimes online. My friend went through our conversations, and even though she has never met him, has come to the conclusion that he may like me. He's 3 years older than me (I'm 13, he's 16) and he is basically my therapist. He knows all my problems and helps me a lot with depression and weight issues (but he's never told me i'm pretty). I tell him everything. He got really mad the other day, and stopped talking to me, and his final message said something like "I care too much about you. I can't deal with this", because I am being bullied. I recently realised that I might have feelings for him. I'm just unsure whether he likes me! Feel free to ask me anymore further questions in the comments or over chat! I really need help urgently? Should I make a move?

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  • He likes you, if a guy would sit there help you through your personal problems even if he doesn't tell your pretty, listen a guy doesn't have to tell your pretty to show he likes you, its all clear that he likes you if he cares too much about you, you should really talk to him and tell him your feelings, or he doesn't wanna talk at all, Keep me updated

    • thanks so much for commenting! I really hope thats true! I just feel like he thinks I'm a little kid, as he keeps on saying I'm so mature for my age? I get super angry at him for that!!

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    • ok, ill think about that... thanks

    • Your welcome KEEP ME UPDATED

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  • What a melodramatic pansy. Well he could like you, he could just be one of those people who are everyday therapists.

  • maybe you used him as your therapist and finally he got anoyed by you cause you didn't give anything to compensate his help.

  • if he is paying that much attention to you then yes he likes you


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