Does she really want to "take it slow", or is she no longer interested? Did I screw up by asking her out too soon?

So earlier this week this girl and i were talking and i got her to admit to liking me a bit (she's definitely physically attracted to me), and she also said she'd eventually like to go on a date with me sometime. I ended up asking her out a few days later and she told me she thought i asked her a bit too soon. She said "i didn't say no, but i think we should go slow :)". A small part of me is afraid i already screwed up by asking her out too soon, but i can't be sure, given the things she's said prior. Does she actually mean it when she says she wants to go slow? Or is she really saying she's no longer interested?


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  • No it probably just means that she is one if those girls who likes to really know the person first and my just say yes because if physical attraction


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