He lies all the time when he goes out but I have no definite proof?

So the guy im dating (4 months) is obviously lying to me, and I know by behavioral analysis but i dont have anything definite, like something i can throw at his face. And now i can't take him seriously everytime he talks and sometimes i can just hear him lying. For example:

He was suppose to got to a party with his work friday, and texted "its so weird being at this party when they won't hire me" but the gps said he was at home (we use an app to communicate). The place where the party was held was so far away from home that the gps would have noticed. Later he texted that he phone was running out of battery and that he would text the next day. 4 hours later he was still online which means that he lied about the battery (i just have to point out that he's not suppose to text me when he's out).

The next day he text me and the gps show some other place. He has been at that place a few times before (again gps) and that time he stayed there Friday night till Saturday afternoon and texted me the whole time. When i asked him why the gps showed something different, he said it was wrong, which is bs because later when he got home it showed his home adress.

What do i do?


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  • I think you should definitely break up with the guy and give him some breathing room.

    Oh, relationship stories like this are a refreshing reminder of why we really have the 13th Amendment. I could hear Lincoln now, "Gentlemen, I fear that if we do not act now, we may lose another chance to try and pass off this Amendment as anything else. I'm sick and tired of her constantly asking, where are you, what are you doing, why did you do that, why didn't you do that? I'm afraid that if marriage is left unregulated, the free men of this country will not live to see the day where they remember what liberty means. We need to take advantage of this African-American situation right now and pretend that the whole reason behind this Amendment is to abolish slavery for African-Americans, but let's leave the term open so that we can later argue that it applies to husbands and men as well. I think we should also make plans on introducing a 14th Amendment dealing with the issue of liberty."

    Wife: "Abraham! Are you having a meeting with the guys again? I told you I don't want shoes inside the room with the good furniture!"

    Lincoln: "No dear, I'm just thinking out loud, and I'm... ugh... just wearing my socks."

    Wife: "I'm washing all your socks right now! I know you're lying to me! Why are you lying to me?"


    Please, let the man go!


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  • Stake out this other place. Bet it's a girl's place.

  • May I ask what app you're using to communicate?

    • Viber

    • Thanks, now I'll know to never use it.

    • Haha seriously - dont. And he's an idiot for wanting to use it.

  • Well... confront him. GPS is proof enough I'd say

  • Wellp, gps stuff can glitch out a lot.

    But here is the real thing, you're kinda snooping a bit, which is wrong. If he is doing something wrong, and you do something wrong to catch him, is anyone right?

    Seems to be that everyone has secrets, and if you snoop, you will always find something you don't like.

    But if you're going crazy over this, what you have to do is go through his phone when he is away or something.
    (But if my GF of only 4 months did that to me, I'd probably leave her on principle.)

    • Im not snooping, he can just shut off his gps on the app.

    • And would it be fair of him to lie about his whereabouts when he claims he wants a serious relationship?

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  • Whichever app this is, seems to give a bit too much information for my liking. And honestly he's probably trying to impress you and act like his social life is better than it is. Let it slide, stuff like that isn't a big deal.

    • Yeah I agree with this because I've done this before.

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    • But i dont get the "he's trying to impress you and act like his social life is better" when he tells me he's at home when he's somewhere else? :-s im really confused

    • Shouldn't it be the other way around?