Ignoring my texts, her past relationships and friendships have been bad?

things went great between us. she is very popular but I figured out many, many people, guys and girls spread rumors about her. I didn't tell her I knew about what they said, I saw everything on line after doing some research. however, I did hint to her that i'm here to talk to and that i'm not judgmental.

I feel she has social anxiety even though she is popular.

our families are close, that's how I know her. she knows I like her and she showed a lot of interest in the beginning. what can I do to gain her trust?

why would I spread rumors when our families are super close, (married between each other). after a month she texted me saying she has been really busy. but I know she is scared to give in.


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  • If I've said it once I've said it ten thousand times. STOP TEXTING and judging people on their response, lack there of, or speed in which they answer those text. Talk to her in the REAL world and find out.

    • you come from an older generation, which is not use to texting.

    • That's not the point. If something is important to a person, you handle it in the REAL world. Just because she doesn't answer you in 5 minutes or less doesn't mean anything. She has a life outside of her phone. When you talk to her, it will become clear what is going on.

    • it wasn't 5 minutes. i'm going to see her this week. our families are close. you sound emotional. chill out man.

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