1 Year Anniversary Gift! Girls Please Help!?

So the big one year is coming up and I have everything planned except for the gift. I already got a matted picture frame and wrote a letter with a picture of us in the frame. I was looking to buy a nice necklace but im not sure what to get. Im looking to spend less than $200. Girls, what would you want?

Also, I've been considering the Mozart Pendant from Swarovski and the Double Heart Mini Pendant from Tiffany and Co.

Any suggestions?


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  • They are gorgeous!!! Girls love jewelry. Have you ever thought about a promise ring? a lot of girls seem to be into them now. My ex boyfriend got me this rice necklace.. It isn't that much.. But, it is honestly really cool! Mine and his name was wrote on the piece of rice. I also, got this personalized teddy bear for my one year That said "I love you" on the front , Then on the back it had the date we got together :)


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