I slipped and say we were married in conversation?

We just celebrated a year dating. We dont live together. I have been married before he has not. We were talking about our relatiosnship and how nice and supportive we are but also about some of our weaknesses relating. I slipped and and said "when you're married to someone like me" as if we were a married couple! I was so embarrassed. We get along great, like my exhusband and I never did. What would you think guys?


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  • LOL I would think you were dropping a hint. But it wouldn't be a big deal really unless I was thinking about asking you in the first place. But don't worry about it.

    • I have made it clear I am not interested in marriage. I have avoided discussing living together, although he has dropped hints about that. Although it feels great to be in a respectful, compatible relationship.

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  • Quit avoiding it. If he's dropped hints, and you like him - he treats you well, what're you scared of? Address that, and snatch a good guy when he comes around


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