Are good girls a turnoff?

Would guys feel more pressured to date a girl who's really "good and pure"? For example, if they know that the girl has never kissed or has never had sex before (and plus she's pretty and smart and has a good body). Would guys want her more because she's pretty and a virgin or be turned off on the other hand? Especially if the guy isn't too good-looking or feels inferior for whatever reason? Thanks.

(This isn't me by the way.)


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  • For me this is a major turn on. Why? She has no baggage, she doesn't know what to expect and I remember when I was a girl's "first", she could do no wrong, I thought she was perfect and every other girl was just like her. To me, experience complicates things when you're with another person equally or more experienced. Everybody's feeling you out in their own quirky way and I hate trying to read a girl's mind. I read what what I read for what its worth... fun games are one thing but these jedi mind tricks some girls pull send me running for the door. Be straight, be honest, and know your limits.


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  • Good girlsa re nice, but remember good doesn't have to mean boring. A girl can be good and "pure" while still being a fun and adventurous person.

    • A corollary: a girl can be good and pure and not a virgin.

  • I like good girls, but if the whole being pure thing is for religious reasons it's a turn off.

    I like girls who are innocent, but because they're waiting for the right guy, not marrige.


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