Ice cream at Friendly's for a first date?

Yay or nay? Would you like an ice cream first date?


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  • sounds like a plan to me. The most important detail about the first date is that you're setting a standard. Pick something you both will enjoy, and that is "you" (something you could do).
    And don't forget about dating etiquette :)


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  • well ice cream is amazing so yeah that would be great! haha

  • yay. you can never go wrong with ice-cream

    • So let's say a random guy that's in one of your classes but doesn't know you came up to you, maybe made a tiny bit of snall talk, and then told you you were pretty and asked if you wanted to go get ice cream sometime later this week. Yay or nay?

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    • What if you didn't think he was attractive?

    • that wouldn't matter as long he was nice and seemed like a person i would want to know

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