Why hasn't he called yet?

I met this guy two years ago, but I was married then. We always liked each other from a distance. Now I'm getting a divorce and decided to meet him. We went out for a dinner and then to his place.. We had a great time but its been two days without a phone call! He said before that he doesn't like one night stands, so I'm confused why he hasn't called yet?


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  • Just give him a day more and then call him.

  • I could not see any guy who is not into a 'one night stand' .. I am not saying it is right or wrong, but if you do not see SEX as a bad and dirty thing, you wouldn't have a problem w/ it. The guy should have been very specific in saying that, "I do not want our (you + him) relationship to be a one night stand'.

    • Do you think he got turned of when I said that I'm not looking for a serious relationship since I'm in the process of getting put of one? ( I think I said the phrase" friends with benefits") Could it be why he is not calling? And in this case how do I undo the damage? thank you for your reply !

    • Give him a couple of more days. I wouldn't read too much into it right now. Be yourself and strong. Always remember this saying; 'You need Oxygen to Survive and stay alive, but you should not need anyone's approval or attention to Survive or Stay alive'.. If you were up front with him in that you are not looking for a serious relationship at this point, then you made it clear. If he does not call you back, I would consider his loss, cz you seem to be a nice young lady :)

    • I will remember that saying :) thank you!

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