Think we've friendzoned each other when we both actually like each other!?

I met this girl on a dating site and we met up and really hit it off, but when it came to a second date she asked if we could be friends and i said I'd prefer that (because I didn't want to lose her) she's now told me the reason she didn't want to 'date' me is because she was seeing someone else but that went sour, she's still on dating sites and going on dates and hangs out with me about twice a week and we text/call every day. We've gotten really close and i hate that she's trying to find someone when I'm right in front of her! I keep thinking that we're only 'friends' because that's what we said we both wanted but that's changed now. We have both admitted to finding each other attractive. I'm scared to ask her out incase it gets weird or she rejects me and I lose her as a friend but I'm really struggling to think what to do! Help!

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  • 3rd option: either ditch her or talk to her, point blank and say what you feel. You're obviously feeling stuff for her, and she might just have you stuck on the friendzone and may want to keep you there. That will only hurt you... so consider that 3rd option.


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