I need help please tell me what you think and what I should do?

I'm in a relationship, and my girlfriend doesn't show me affection or talks to me over weekends or talks to me near her friends, she doesn't seem to pay attention to me and I feel like she doesn't love me or care about me, and I asked her if we could ask each other questions when alone, but I'm afraid that I may of done something wrong because we don't know anything about each other so I asked her if we could, but since she never replies to me or talk to me, I don't get her answers, and i did something which I'm afraid I may of screwed up with because I thought I was helping but she seemed angry/sad with me and I'm afraid she hates me... but I'm scared because I'm afraid that since I asked her if we could ash questions to each other alone so I can tell her stuff about me and so we can become closer... but I'm always afraid that she may hate me and I'm so shy to ask her questions or to do that relationship stuff as but I'm so afraid that she may not want to talk to me or ask questions and all.. please help? tell me what use think and all ;-;

Oh okay, since the holidays are around the corner she said that we can hang out, and that's when I sent a text saying if we could ask each other questions, because i want to be closer to her, and i want to be able to know more stuff about her
But would you be weirded out if you BF asked if use could ask questions alone and so they can open up to you more and all that?


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  • I don't think it is weird for a bf to ask questions. To be quite frank I would enjoy it.

    • Oh, ;-; i feel like maybe since i asked she may think im weird or we where drifting more cause i asked (still no reply)

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    • Thank you, and i dont know, if i can't even keep the girl i love, i dont deserve anyone, but I don't know anymore some days feel better then some... she still doesn't talk to me over the weekends/after school... i feel... sad... all the time when she doesn't talk... idk... i think i should... i hate this pain

    • She doesn't deserve someone as good as you and you deserve someone who can place that pain with pure bliss because your perfect

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  • It doesn't sound like you 2 are in a relationship at all. Just leave her alone until she comes around if she doesn't it wasn't meant to be anyway. Just give her space and start flirting with other girls.


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  • She's not your girlfriend. Get a grip! Time to date elsewhere.

    • She hasn't ended it though, I can see where your coming from as she acts like i dont exist...