Guys likes independent or submissive woman?

What type of girl you fall for? Someone who's independent or someone who is submissive? Do you like when a girl need you? Or that turns you off? Why?
Girls, what do you think guys prefer?


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  • While it's nice if they need me from time to time, that doesn't mean they shouldn't be able to exist on their own two feet. I'd prefer someone who can maintain their own autonomy rather than rely on me for everything just because they're female and they feel entitled to do so.


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  • I strongly disagree with this dichotomy or forced double-bind. It's not one or the other. Submissive does not equal dependent. Independent does not equal dominant.

    I prefer both. I prefer a girl that has her MBA and is also a CPA and makes over $98k a year in base salary, with full medical, dental, and vision benefits, with her 401(k) plan and maximum Roth IRA contribution maxed out each year, who has her life under control and doesn't b*tch about going to and coming back home from work each day, and understands me and can relate to me instead of knocking up my phone every 10-15mins asking, "how are you? I miss you! are you thinking about me? why aren't you thinking about me? are you doing something else? are you busy? am I bothering you? am I not important to you?" I definitely appreciate a woman who understands the value of each hour of work and the value of a dollar.

    As far as the relationship, I've always been a big fan of things being mutual and equal (as an ideal) with "fairness" being the minimum threshold. So, I'm not into the whole, "B*tch, I'm back home, go make me something to eat. In fact, why is dinner not ready yet? Why is the house so dirty? I'm tired, I want to watch what I want on TV, you can go on your computer if you want to watch your shows." Then people wonder why relationships fall apart, like it's some kind of rocket science or grand mystery.

    As far as sexually, I prefer variety, but for the most part, I prefer a woman that's sexually submissive and likes her guy to be dominant. Sometimes, however, I prefer to be teased, and sensually dominated by the girl, and then have the roles flip again where she's being dominated and submissive once more. So, for the most part, on the limited sexual aspect of the relationship, I prefer women who are submissive.

  • I'd rather feel wanted than needed by a girl. I associate neediness with clingyness (it's not a word, I know) and it's a trait that I believe belongs in small children, not fully grown adults.

    I would prefer a woman is with me because she wants to be with me. Now I don't want a fully submissive woman anymore than I want a woman who is domineering, I think there needs to be a fine balance between the two, that's what I'd prefer, so I will sit on the fence on this question.


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