Should I believe him or is he lying?

My bf just bought a new pickup and a dog. Lately he has been crabby and doesn't want to have sex as much. He use to want it more and would beg for it if i didn't want to do it. Now he doesn't do that. He is hard a lot so its not like he isn't horny. Last night I asked why he was so hard jokinly and he said because Im with you so take your clothes off. We never did do it because I was tired. He then said k well im not going to beg for it. He says he wants to be with me and he wants me to stay out at his place. We do live together and I moved in a little after a month of dating because he asked me too. We have now been dating for a little over a year. We had a talk last week about things going on like him acting different. He said he has just been tired and not really in the mood for doing it. And he sometimes just likes to relax. Should I believe him or could he be doing something behind my back or lying about something?

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  • To be honest, I think I may believe him. If his attitude shows it, then it may be true. Does he seem tired? Maybe he has low sex drive due to stress. Although really he does still seem to like you. He even wanted to "get it on" with you that one night but you were too tired. So I don't think you need to be worried about that. Just ask him how he's doing, if everything is okay recently, or if he needs to talk about it? If not, just let him know you are there for him, give him a peck on the cheek, and leave it at that. The goal here is to let him know you are there for him, then back off a little. He will realize the change and come to you, and maybe he needs a bit of space to sort things out. :) Good luck :)


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  • He's probably going through a Phase of low sex drive. You don't have to push the panic button yet. If it persists for a long time, maybe a couple of months, he needs to consult a doc about it. Usually these issues get resolved on their own.

    • I completely agree with you! His sex drive is largely determined by testosterone, and even the slightest decrease can change their drive a lot (doesn't mean that they can't get hard or never want to either). Also, after so long of begging and chasing, he may just not feel like chasing as hard. Try making yourself more available. I wouldn't worry until he starts to turn you down.

    • he's 24 and he seemed to be horny alot. Unless his sex drive is now decreasing?

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  • tbh its hard to tell

  • If he was getting it elsewhere, he's still want a lot of sex with you.