Should I invite my friend with benefits to my 21st?

for my 21st i want to go to a club and stay at a hotel after do a proper weekend thing. I already know what girls i want to invite about 9/10, I dont have many guy friends. I really want to invite my friend with benefits.
I really like him but we both can't do serious because i am going to university and he just dosnt want a girlfriend (hes never had one).
I know that he likes me because he's told me and he gets so nervous when he's with me and calls me when he's drunk and we've had a long history of on/offness.
I know he's put off easily because i put him off by acting too serious a wile ago, we stopped talking for months because of it.
But he missed me and i missed him so much it hurt. I even told him this.
I even said the L word when i was drunk and i was suprised he didn't freak out.
Anyways i thought i should tell you guys a brief bit of the background story between him and I to help with the decision.

what should i do?
Im worried that if i ask him he'll freak out again about being the only guy I've asked to come and bring a friend i could invite other guys but fact is they would try something and i dont want to kiss anyone else with him there.
but on the other hand i really want him there because he's such good crack and i would like to spend time with him in the hotel room afterwards ;) if you know what i mean lol

Another thing is we havnt exactly labelled ourselves as friends with benefits, i joked about us being fuck buddies but we havnt even slept together yet. We're just friends who like eachother more than we should i guess/

girls what would you do in my situation?

guys how would you react to this?


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  • Tell him to come after party in ur hotel so u can have sexxx and be fully pleasured becouse its ur birthday.. ;)


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  • You're thinking about it - why not invite him? You'll have what-if questions in the future, and they stink! Better taking chances.