Perfect sweetest message for a guy?

GUYS, What is the most sweetest message you ever had? Or what message would you like to have?

What kind of message make you feel really special?


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  • The sweetest message was one that was written specifically for me. One that could not apply to any other person on the planet but me, and one that could only be written by someone that truly understands me as a person, and understands my hopes, my fears, my passions, my dreams.

    I become very leery of overly-generic 'hallmark' card type of messages that could just apply to anyone. It has to apply to me and to me alone for it to be special.


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  • When I see you and you are near,
    the whole world stops, and I want to touch you just to check that you are real.
    After meeting you the whole world seems so beautiful.
    Before everything felt so indifferent but now everything feels so lovely.
    I can feel, talk with animals, birds and even trees. They seems to be enjoying with me.
    There was only one missing link before and now having that my life is complete.
    I miss you.. I really miss you.. Please stay with me and I would love you forever.

  • send him something like this, "thinking about you, just wanted to say hi:)". I got that from a girl.

  • Something like what BearsAnswers said. It's hard to advise you on what exactly to say. But I know for a fact it will be very sweet if it's a message specific to him that reflects your particular feelings and understanding of him.

  • A sweet message comes from the heart, not copied and pasted from other people.

  • It comes from the heart. Tell him how you feel, that's what we want


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