What should I do about my friendship? I love my best friend, but she doesn't love me back. I don't know what to do next? please help!?

I'm in love iwth my best friend. We met a year ago and have been inseparable ever since. We get along so well, and friends, family and others all think we are perfect for one another. However, she is 4 years older than me, and when i asked her out a year ago, she told me I'm too young and we should just be friends.

So i moved on, found a new girl but when we broke up, my friend was there for me and that's when I fell in love. She really cares about me and is always there. And she knows I'm there for her. last week she was sick, and her family was away, so she asked me to come over and take care of her. for 6 days i did everything for her and stayed at her house. Even when she got better, she still wanted to me stay with her. SHe was surprised on how well i could take care of her.

I think she knows how great of a boyfriend i would be, but for some reason she doesn't want to give me a chance. Last night she called her mom in front of me and told her about this guy that invited her to go with him and his friends to Vermont for the weekend. She was mad b/c he didn't ask her to do something alone and go on a date.

I don't' think this guy even likes her that much, and it kills me because I would do ANYTHING for her. I would take a bullet for her and i would die for her. Yet she won't give me a chance.. I know i can't force love, but She's always saying how she's getting old and isn't going to find a guy.

She just needs to realize that the guy she was looking for has been me and right in front of her all along. But i don't want her to just settle for me, because I don't want to be some last resort.

I just feel that I've wasted so much time and emotions on her, and have not gotten a chance with her. I'm mad at myself and frustrated because I can't just cut her off b/c it will make me look bad in front of her parents. I hate myself for getting into this situation. I always thought that she was a bit into me, but that's just her flirty personality.


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  • If you like her and age is whats setting her back from her dating you try to show her your mature for your age and by getting yourself in a good place in life and show her you can take on anything at the age you are now you may have gotten her with the emotional and feelings level that makes her think of he's a good friend your lacking something on another level maybe you need to get her to like you more then a friend but see you not as just boyfriend material but i think you getting into a good place like focusing on career and what most people her age focus on she will see you are mature to handle what she can to and if she doesn't see it then make her jealous by dating someone close to her age or that is her age who sees you as the mature man you are

    • Well, I have shown i'm able to take care of her and be mature. She was sick and I took care of her. I also have been living with her for the past 7 days b/c her family is away. I don't know if it's attraction that's lacking on her behalf or something else.

      She tells me how good i look and compliments me when i dress up for work everyday. She also checks me out (i see her in the corner of my eye). But yesterday she gave me a kiss on the cheek before leaving for work and said, "have a good day at work" in this cute voice. Today we kissed on the cheek again, but she just leans in and makes me kiss her on the cheek, and doesn't kiss back. she does this occasionally.

    • i think you guys will work out and she's starting to like you more and she's seeing it i think you guys will end up getting together keep doing what you've been doing

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