Whats the best boyfriend/girlfriend you have ever had and why?

I have dated a lot of guys and i just met my new boyfriend about a month ago. He treats me like an angel. He is a gentleman and takes care of me. He is funny and a blast to be with. I have been thinking about him a lot today and just how lucky I am to have met him. This is by far my best relationship. What was or is yours and why?


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  • My current one. And I don't know. He just is. I can't explain it. We're like a powerhouse of awesome when we're together. I have strengths and weaknesses and he has strengths and weaknesses and somehow I excel in areas he falters and he excels in areas where I don't. We literally balance out perfectly to where when we're together we're a kickass dynamic duo of awesomeness.

    I just can't explain it. Like, I'd stand by him on the front lines of a battle field (or, ya know, a zombie apocalypse) or I'd curl up with him in footie pajamas and eat ice cream and watch Netflix all day. And anything in between.

    He's perfect and he makes me strive to be a better person and I like that about him. Among all sorts of other things, of course.

    • awww that sounds amazing i am so happy for you. its great being in love isn't it?

    • It is :) Many years in and it's still fantastic.

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  • Well yeah, how could you say a boyfriend other than your current one was "the best".


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