Is dating for 3 months too early to be "official"?

I've been dating this guy for 3 months, and we agreed not to see anyone else to see where things go... He said that he could see me as potentially being his girlfriend... that was 2 months ago...

Asking about 'statuses' can be the most awkward thing ever... and in my past relationships, the guy was the one that confirmed it for me. I like him a lot and want to be with him - how do I approach the 'I want to be your girlfriend" subject? Or, is it too early? Thanks! :)


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  • I think that is long enough and it should not be awkward to talk to this guy about whether your relationship is going to the next level or not. Communication is the key to healthy relationships I would not wait on him, but if you feel like that may to much then maybe you can drop a a few hints to let him know that you are wondering where this is going

    • Thanks! I feel like I need to ask... I just want to pressure him. But I do know what I want, and don't want to be dragged along if he doesn't want to be with me now.

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    • Wow, thanks so much sharing... the fact that you went through a similar situation makes me feel better, that I'm not coming on too strong 3 months in. We did have the 'exclusive' talk a month ago about not seeing anyone else, but I realize that not knowing our 'status' is bugging me. I do not need a title to be happy with him, but just the emotional stability of being his. I know what I want, and don't want to waste my time either... I am going to ask him, wish me luck... thanks so much!!

    • You are very welcome and I hope everything works out :)

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  • Go on a date and say, "hey man, is this official yet or not bruh."


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  • You know what, it's not awkward at all. O know a couple that got married only after a few months of dating, and they're already having problems.

    Now that IS awkward.

    • Ouu that is quick, I am definitely not ready for marriage quite yet haha. Thanks so much, I'm still nervous... but I definitely feel better about asking.