Should I kiss her first?

So where I work there's this girl that comes often. Recently she's been hinting at me... I think. She was right up on me when I was watching some skaters (at a skating rink) . So I scheduled a meeting /date for today with her. Im pretty sure she's feeling me but I don't know if I should kiss her at the end. The only problem is that we are going to be in a public place. Should I attempt it when I wait for her to get on the bus?


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  • if she had the look in her eyes try slowly go near her face and if she does not move. kiss her


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  • Like a restaurant?

    If so do it at the end of the meal. If she doesn't want to kiss yet or if you don't feel like it's the right time yet, like if you feel like leaning in for it would be a bucket of awkwardness, then don't.

    Just do it when it feels right. That could be the second or the third date who knows. If it goes well but you don't get to kiss just tell her you really enjoyed your date with her and you want to do it again soon. So in case she thought you were going to at some point, she isn't left wondering if you actually like her.

    Bottom line: Do it when it feels right. If that feeling doesn't come on the first date, then no biggie! Just make sure she leaves with a positive attitude and sure of your feelings (Nothing over the top. Like I said, just tell her you enjoyed the time you spent with her and tell her you want to do it again soon!)

    Good luck man! Be you and enjoy getting to spend time with her!


    • Line 3: like if you feel like leaning in for it but you feel like it would be a bucket of awkwardness if you did, then don't.

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