Would this turn you off... if you caught tonsillitis from someone?

After a first date I dele eloped tonsillitis the following day. The guy hasn't contacted me since. Would he be turned off if I was the one who may have passes on the infection. (I don't even know if he has it... I'm just wondering what if)


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  • He could have tonsillitis but don't see it as a turn off stuff happens with sickness

    • I was afraid he might be turned off me I was the one passed it on to him. It's wrecking my head not knowing why he hasn't been in contact since our date:-(

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    • Ok good to hear your point of view. I'm just confused as to why he has t been in contact since our date which I thought went really well.

    • Well, hope he contacts you least
      i gave you some support on my
      point of view

  • If you kissed him he may have tonsillitis, but he would have to have the bacterial type to pass it on. There's nothing that would turn me off, but you might feel a little pain from oral sex.


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