Is she just looking for attention?

This girl I used to work with has a boyfriend. She was the first to email me back in the day at work. I can't tell what she wants though. She's super hot, and I've never been able to be friends with girls. Anyways we used to chat all the time through email at work. I left about a year ago and we still chat, although it's mostly me initiating email convos, but she will always chat with me over the course of a few days. She works at a bank and is kind of my banker. She always does super thoughtful stuff and goes above and beyond to help me out. A while back after I first left the bank she mentioned grabbing lunch with a mutual younger guy friend of ours. It never happened, and my buddy told me they went. He is friends with her boyfriend so I don't know. Anyways her and I have gone back and forth on other lunch dates. I asked her to join with me and a mutual guy friend of ours, she said yes but then canceled the day before.
So recently she emailed my personal email out of the blue from her personal email which I didn't have. The subjects was a ;), and the email had link to a vid about crazy girls being hot. It also had her name and cell phone number. So now we are texting, again me initiating her responding. I mentioned lunch again, just me and her and she said Yes! So we had planned to go last friday, but I had to cancel on her the morning of. Honestly, I don't know what she is looking for?


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  • Sounds like you like her more than just getting laid and really want to know what's going on. Have to be honest I think she enjoys the attention and sees you as a friend. Woman enjoy the flattery and safety of a guy mate often not realising it's causing mixed signals. Be honest and ask her what's going on, tell her how you feel. It could go either way but at least you'd know. Good luck

    • Thanks, it's funny how different your response was to my guy friend's below. lol.

      This could be true totally. It was the cell phone number dropping that was like hmmm

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    • I mean I feel like it's mostly friendship that she wants, that email reach out was pretty confusing for me a guy. I mean most guys would take that as an invite, no?

      I would also think her husband would not be cool with her texting and email chatting with me, no?

    • Correct, and correct.

      Which is why I said, are you down with something happening? Because those are indicators that she's at least kicking around the idea, if not making an actual low-key play for you.

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  • Well, the crazy girls are hot seems like an indicator.

    Go for it, and see how crazy she is.

    • I emailed her back and said "what is this? lol" she says "I though it was soo funny!" I also asked her where she was on the crazy/hot scale that was featured in the video. She said I better not say ;)

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    • You're smooth man, real smooth :)

      Ok, I get that she was sending me her contact info, the question is her intent? Like would she do this as only friendship intent?

    • Like I said, intent (and in conjunction with the sexually suggestive hot-scale - because she knows she's hot, and she knows you know she's married, and she gave a leading reply to your question) sure seems to be... not on the up and up.

      But, I could be wrong - so I would take it slow, give her all the indications that you're willing to deliver on (and I assume you're ready to fuck her senseless even if she's married), so that she can move it as far as she wants to go.