I need your advice about my girlfriend please?

I've been with my girlfriend for around a month now, we work together do everything togethrt, pretty much inseperable..

i've noticed that when were at work she'll flirt with our boss, call him over constsntly, gaze at him constantly (she doesn't stare at me as much as she does him) she made a point yesterday to sit dead on infront of him and i noticed her checking him out.

He obvs flirts back too and chats to her constantly at work.. im not sure what to do.. iv confronted her about it and she denies that she likes him but im not really convinced, actions speak louder thsn words..

i pointed out to her that she doesn't act like this with anyone else... so yeah any advice would be apprecisted, what should i do?


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  • Maybe she's a gold digger lmfao. Flirting with a boss is a good way to get a raise.

  • Flirting does not always mean there is feelings or attraction.


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