Me and my freind caught talking about dating white guys?

Me and my friend who are both black were hanging out with a group of friends and since and the two white guys that was with our group left to go get some food so I thought I was safe to have "girl talk". So I started asking her about white guys
I never dated a white guy before and she grew up around whites and dated them so I asked her about it because I was interested and I find myself attracted to them. Then I felt a tap on my shoulder and there was a tap on her shoulder and little did I know they were right behind us for I don’t know how long and after taping us they ran lol and I was soo embarrassed I just pretended like nothing happened and ignored them. And later one of them taped me on my shoulder again and looked away and I said his name but nothing more because I was to awkward to talk to him. To be honest I am not really looking for a relationship at the moment but the secret is out that I am interested in white guys and I feel soo shy and embarrassed. What do you think these guys are thinking?


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  • Well, there is nothing to be ashamed about for liking people of different ethnicities. That's not anything to feel bad about. That's the most important thing to understand.

    What they were thinking, however... they were most likely thinking that the issue came up because of them in particular. So they are probably going to assume that either you or your friend, or both, are interested in one (or both) of them. Men like to assume that a woman thinks of them favourably, and will interpret neutral signs in a way that makes it seem to reinforce that belief (unless the guy has some bad self-esteem issues).

    So they would think: These girls are hanging out with us. These girls are discussing wanting to date guys that have characteristics similar to us. Therefore, these girls are discussing wanting to date us.

    Of course, I would interpret the 'shy and embarrassed' part to mean that it quite possibly DID arise because of the desirability of the guys in question, so they may not be too far from the truth.

    Still, nothing to be embarrassed about. It is perfectly acceptable to like somebody, or to find them desirable. Everybody likes somebody, that's not a weird thing.


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  • I like black girls that like white guys. So I would think they feel the same


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  • I'm mixed and I kinda wonder the same thing about what they think tbh. I date mostly white guys though.

    • For me it's great (:
      I enjoy knowing other races will find white guys attractive

  • ilove whites guys who likes blacks girls. I think some white guys are very attracted to black girls, if you feel shy dont be. There are probably plenty of white guys who find you attractive but dont know how or if they should approach you. Some of them are shy and dont know what to say.