What's wrong with black women dating outside their race?Am I smart?

I have been asking this question and never got an answer that I just took, I hear a lot of stuff going around, like its not an every day thing that you see a black woman and a white man together, which yes, that is true you don't but I think that's a reason, and I basically think its when slavery well not really slavery but that point of time were blacks and whites were divided in 1619, blacks and whites were seperated and the white people just never really dated outside their race because in that time, you weren't allowed, (and it became sort of a thing for white men not to date outside their race) and I know people might have a different opinion but I feel if we didn't have slavery in that point of time, then I think black women and white men would've dated each other and black men and white women would've dated each other and all human kind will date each other that's my opinion... and basically we as black women are kinda scared at what the white mens family will think of us, would they be against or what? We tend to worry about it a lot... because some families have that rule were the son is allowed to date white women only, which I think is stupid, We have been called negros, stupid and blah blah blah, and I think no man unless thus is their generations wants a women who has ancestors who have been called that, which I have heard a lot of people say through grape vine, but I mean why judge off color, and generation when you could be losing out on something good, but that's others people reasonable wanting and stuff. But tell me your opinion down below, and was my reason smart? or stupid?

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I was not saying that my culture, race, or ethics was better than no one elses, I was just saying you could be missing out on seeing other generations, if you are just dating one race


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  • I'm a white guy and I've dated a black woman who is also 9 years older than me for 3 years now. In all honesty, I see more racism from the blacks about it than I do whites. My family loves her. Her family (aside from her children from a past marriage, also white guy) wants nothing to do with her, partly because she dates outside her race.

    When we go out, many times black people look at us with disgusted looks because here's a "nerdy white boy" dating an extremely attractive black girl. Sometimes they even holler things at us. She gets made fun of constantly by many blacks because she went to school to became a medical assistant, and before that ran her own business for 7 years. She's very well spoken. She gets told she's "acting White" for doing that.

    So even though I have friends of all ages and colors, and I appreciate women of all ages and colors, dating this black girl has made me see how much racism blacks really have against themselves and others, even though they try to play the innocent victim in it all.

    • I get told of acting white for listening to ariana grande, and other stuff like I'm an medical assistant I mean wow, I get made fun of dating out side of my race and I also get made fun for the same reason but my family accepts what I like, So I have that in come with her, I mean you date what you like, if you don't it's not gonna be good, I mean I act like a white girl because I'm very spoken, I'm not loud and ghetto ( I can be but that's not a side I really show very often) And I like that you totally agree with me, when you date a black girl you see their history well family history and you really start to be against racism and things, you see that it was really bad for our generation back then, I started liking white guys in 6th grade, black guys just really weren't my type, and I only had like 2 friends who liked white guys even though I go and went to an all white and partially black school and every time we tell a girl or a friend that doesn't like boys that we like them

    • and they gasp like it's a bad thing and they start to talk about how nerdy, and stupid we are for liking them and Im just like its my decision not yours, if you don't like then so what, I have friends who date and are married to white guys, they are black and honestly if I didn't like white guys I still wouldn't have a problem with it

    • In the top sentence I meant doesn't like white guys****

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  • I couldn't tell at the end of your writing whether you were saying you couldn't understand why a non-black person would want the stigma and racism that might come with dating a black person or whether you were saying that those who refuse to date black people miss out on a lot so my voting might have been skewed. i think people of all races and cultures have something to offer society including the people from different religions as well. It's when you don't believe or are willing to tolerate anything at all that you are bad.

    • I was saying like, you miss out on things that other people don't have in their generation

  • There's nothing wrong with that lol.
    It's preference. People just having a hard time understanding interracial relationships.

    Me on the other hand, I don't really care. As long as you both love each other then that's all that matters.