How he acts is different via text in long distance relationshp?

So after several months of texting we saw each other for about a week and got along great. Both were happy and really like each other. He's hesitant about a long distance relationship but we talk every day. He doesn't flirt or we don't send sexy pictures like we did before we met, but wondered if that's because it's real now? Also he doesn't say he misses me or anything but wants to talk everyday. Confused as to what this may mean?


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  • I was going to say that maybe he does act the same and you just perceive him different, but if he isn't saying the things he usually tells you it's probably because it's easier to talk to people behind a phone than in person. Well, I don't think it is, you can't play off of awkward moments and body language, but others may be intimidated by such conversations.


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