Why does he wanna kiss so much?

met a guy from dating site, went out a few times, met his friends too, and sister. He said everyone liked me, so he's glad that his buddies approve of me. The first time he kissed me he kissed cuz he said " i dont want u to think I dont like u". I'm wondering though if it'll grow into a relationship anytime or he's just seeing so many girls and playing around. I just dont get why he's kissing too much. He seems to love kissing and goes for it a lot. I dont wanna get attached though and be hurt later, in case it doesn't get more serious (official). So I thought of being a bit distant from now on, not seeing him too much any more (whenever he suggests) to figure out what's going on. Your thoughts?

* his buddies & sister
* not whenever he suggests. But then I fear i might lose him


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  • A guys inital interest is ALWAYS based on sexual attraction. Indrestand this and don't fall head over heals for him. Regardless of what lines he feeds you!!! ALWAYS continue dating other men, until herwants to be exclusive. Even then make sure he is being genuine. A kiss is just a kiss but if you attach quickly then do what protects you.

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