How do you pick who you want to date? If you have so many choices?

So my situation is this. I have a lot of options. Not regular options but lots of great women I could date. Beautiful women. The problem is I don't exactly know what I want. I could date any drop dead gorgeous women. And if one refuses me I have a lot of other options. The only thing is I'm very choosy and I don't sleep around.

So if you had many options how would you choose which one you like? There are so many criteria that a guy could choose.


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  • Choose the one that makes you feel good.. Like happy & you wanna be around her all the time & you guy get along really well & respect each other's differences & opinions


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  • I'm picky so i let it play out. Eventually one of the guys will make me mad and well, thats how they start dropping like flies. Before you know it, you're down to two. Its a lot easier to be torn between two people than several :)


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