Am I wrong for feeling this way?

OK so my bf and I we been dating for 2 months now going on 3. We are good together and look out like a couple should. Now this the tuffy: his daughter recently got evicted and me and my bf just got a new van for us and tells me its for when I need a ride to work, etc... well turns out she thinks the van is hers and moved in with her 3 kids. I call for a ride and I'm being denied since she's sleeping and he didn't want to disturb them by taking me to work so I ended walking 2 miles plus on top of that work 8 hours and walk the 2 miles back n now when I ask for a ride its excuse after excuse and it revolves around his daughter. I understand its his daughter but somewhere I missed where we have to have a tail with us wherever we go. Is it wrong that I want to spend time with my man alone? In the meantime its been us plus the daughter and 3 kids and he caters to every whim with her but has no time for me.
Sorry if its more of a vent but I'm :'( here and just feeling distraught about this. Plus I'm feeling this relationship is kinda one sided right now


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