Should I be looking for a relationship now or is it best to just be single?

This is my last year of college and I'm really excited about it because after this year I'll be moving across the country and starting career things and such. But I've always been relationship oriented, and my luck with guys has been really terrible, so I'm the loneliness is literally depressing me. I want to try and meet guys this year and hopefully find someone for me, but what if we last the year? Basically my question is this: should I just not try looking for a relationship this year and wait until I move, or is it okay to try now? I don't have takers or anything, I just want to know. Because if we do make it that far I wouldn't be sure about asking him to go with me after such a short time, and if they don't we'd opt for long distance but I don't like that so much. I don't know. I'm just thinking maybe I should stay solitary for another year because of that, but I'm over this single nonsense.


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  • well just to let you know long distance relationships dont always work, one girl user basicly wrote "that you shouldn't be looking and wait for things to come your way"... that never works, so if you want a guy than go make a move cause thats the real way of getting a guy, not everythings the guys job, most guys wait for a girl to approach him anyways cause girls are the over picky ones, plus dont get a guy just cause you think you need one

    • I don't need one, I want one. Two completely different things. Second, girls aren't over picky. I've never met a pickier sex than guys. I've stopped asking because I'm sick of hearing no. At least girls turn you down gently. And I know long distances don't work. My shittiest relationship was long distance. But my friends seem fine with theirs. They seem fine. I'm the only one with these issues really so it's getting agitating.

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    • guys are very pessimistic especially when were rejected and ignored by girls and always viewed as disgusting and creepy to "girls" (the opposite gender) so im sure guys love you but you thinking negatively about them is definitely the problem, and if it helps any im a white guy and i think your a very beautiful black girl so dont worry so much, and i think you have a beautiful heart i could fall in love with you so easily, i dont usually tell girls that so, trust me

    • That's probably it, but none that I've met have proven otherwise, so I'm being over cautious. And thank you very much, that means a lot.

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  • I think you already know what you should/want to do based on what I've read.

    • I'm in the exact same situation as you by the way, i'm moving to another country for my degree in June/July next year. Everything you just said, I can relate to, the distance will tear me apart. :(

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  • In my experience good relationships will fall into your lap and develop organically. So no you shouldn't LOOK for one, but if something good comes your way, be receptive to it.

    • Nothing comes my way. That's why I'm asking about looking for one.