Girl asks Guy (out) - taking the first step?

There's this guy. We share a common friend and all three of us traveled together recently. I'd say him and his friend are merely acquaintances but I spent more time with this mutual friend. However, I'm interested in getting to know him more and hanging out with him without the third wheel. He's on my facebook, hasn't spoken to me or liked my pictures but did wish me a happy birthday. I don't know if he's in a relationship or even interested. BUT should I ask him out for coffee or something?

I'm just worried it'll make things awkward if he says no or tells it to the other friend. And I feel it'll be random to ask him out because we haven't really talked.

We may be going out for drinks soon as a group. Should I wait until then and see if the attraction is still there and act on it? But then we'll be in a group and it might be harder than just sending him a Facebook message (oh and I don't have his number).

This is a long question for nothing. If you are still reading, do you think I should take the step forward? Good or bad idea? Sink or Swim?

Ok. So didn't ask him out just outright like that. But I ask for his number. That's a big hint right? But now I feel like I'm stuck making all the moves. So it's pretty dead right? I mean if he doesn't contact me by himself, should I forget it?
*asked for his number and got it.


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  • Wait until y'all go out for drinks and try to talk to him. Be flirty (not slutty) with him, and hopefully you can have him pursuing you.

    • I realized I should've done that from the beginning lol. Call me impatient. But rather than bother him now, maybe I'll follow through with your advice at this point.

    • Thanks for MH :)

      I hope it all works out for you!

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  • I'd love it if a chick did that with me

  • I had a woman give me her number out of the blue before, but I thought nothing of it.

    • What do you mean thought nothing of it? Like you didn't think she was after you, or you didn't like her?

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    • Yeah. I feel I'm in the same boat as that girl lol. But I feel that if he was even a little interested he would contact me and stuff. But he doesn't. So I'm not sure if there's a need for me to be aggressive at all. Lol

    • I thought it was just a friendly gesture. But this ain't about me, its about you. I personally don't like it. Make me feel submissive

  • Go for it.
    Women should step up more and pursue men - aggressively even.

    • yeah, just jump on our laps out of the blue.

    • Works for me. I'd be happy to see women actually doing what they preach - equality.

  • This might sound crazy coming from a guy, but i don't want a woman asking me out at all.

    • Why is that?

    • Just don't want to be bothered.

  • theirs nothing wrong with a girl asking a guy out, most guys want the girl to make the first moves anyways, since guys are ignored and rejected and its better for the girl to make first moves, since girls are not usually rejected, and its actually the girl who has to make first moves etc. in the first place anyways. ill never ask a girl out especially since I've tried that and been rejected everytime i realized its the guy who has to wait for the girl to approach/make moves in the first place


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