Is it too soon? Split up with my ex few months ago after being cheated on, met this other guy he wants to take things to next level what should I do?

I only split up with my ex (of 3 years) 1.5 months ago after I found out he had been cheating on me for a fair few months! When I found out I was crushed- definitely did not want to go flying in to another relationship - I wanted to "do me" I was hurt, had to move out of his house, I've been staying at my friends, and just working, haven't really been enjoying life too much if i'm honest,

but 2 weeks ago I've met this guy and I feel so happy I don't even care about any other "feelings" i may have had, I am Really into this guy - he seems perfect! We get on more than anything.. he's like the male version of me and says the same about me.

we have been on a couple of dates and we just can't stop smiling and can't keep our hands off each other- as in cuddling, kissing- I've never been one for public displays of affection but when im with him the world stops, I never knew another human could make you feel like this! Im fine in my self and i'm not throwing myself in to this guys arms but im not like this lovey dovey girl usually- but he's talks about us as a "couple" and I don't stop him, when he calls me beautiful or "baby" my tummy does flips!- is it too soon? what shall I do? if feels so right- why should I wait?


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  • " if feels so right- why should I wait? "

    You answered your own question. Why wait? Go with the flow.

  • When love comes around and you're single, do not say no.


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