Im dating (?) a confusing guy and need a guy's honest answer?

So I've been dating/screwing a guy for 3 months now. We see each almost everyday (for days at a time) until 2 weeks ago cause my car broke down. Now we see each other at least twice a week but still the same pattern of all day events.
When we are together we talk about everything. We don't have sex everytime we are together. He confesses things to me and tells me about his past. He never wants me to leave when it's time to go. I've meet his close friends and family and he's met mine.

We started it out as a sexual thing and it grew into this thing. We both said we don't want a relationship and that we are seeing where it goes. He was sweet and used to do things that made me think his feelings where growing. Such as... complaining about how im not affectionate, cuddling, being protective, etc. So I fell for him. And then I got drunk one day and freaked out a little. I told him I know he likes me and I dont want a relationship but I think i want more. He said u know how I feel about u, u are confused and drunk. I dont want a relationship. Ill see u tommrow.
So we kept seeing each and I noticed he's pulled away. But then we spent my bday together and he gave me jewelry and a handmade scarf. Then he was drunk and he told me he's scared of being hurt and really wants to be with me and is in conflict and wants to be completely honest with me. After that the calls that came everyday has slowly stopped. We still text all day... but im initating. Then one day I called him out on testing me and he said yes how do u know your limits without being tested. And admitted all guys do it. I told him well I've always been real with u and he replied maybe thats why I like u.
He has told me stories of the MANY women who throw themselves at him in the past b4 I met him. He has cheated on gf's b4, and has been hurt b4.
So my question: does he really like me and want to continue growing a relationship or is this just a game and I need to reign in my feelings?


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  • he likes you, let your guard down both of you and relax and you dont have to make statements just roll with it!


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  • He really likes you and wants to grow a relationship with you. No games


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