Should I text him to meet up again, or should he since I initiated the last meet up?

So long story short, I got drunk at a bar and ended up hanging out with two guys towards the end of the night. One tried to make a move on me but I didn't want to do the whole-- drunk and things go to far thing.

So I made plans with the guy that tried to kiss me to meet up later because I had left something at his house and he came over on Monday (the bar was on saturday) and returned it. Then we hung out for a while on my porch, then went in and played video games and watched some tv. It was getting late so he was getting ready to leave and had been getting closer and closer to me all night while we were watching tv on my bed (only good seating in a dorm room really). And we ended up having a very intense make out session to the point where I had to ask to slow down cuz I didn't want to sleep with him right then and there. We continued to make out and then he asked if he should stay or leave. I said it was probably better that he leave because I had class in the morning.

He hasn't texted me yet asking to hang out again. What's the protocol on this.. do I have to wait a certain amount of time to text him. I initiated the first text to meet up, shouldn't he initiate the second?


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  • no protocol really, do as you feel. these types of experiences come and go quick. but if you really want just wait it out a few days and he may get back to you.


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