Distance makes the heart go crazy!?

he contacted me in secret after his gf said he couldn't talk to me because i had told him i was in love with him. we talked every day he told me his gf made him feel unappreciated and she lied about stupid things and she was always in a bad mood. he would ask me questions like what would you do if you found someone to love and take care of you and your son. he ask a ton of qustions as if he was interviwing me then after 4mo of talking he told me he had to take down his fb he had to think his head was in the wrong place. its our only way of talking he begged me not to be mad and said Everything is going wrong right now for me. My life is going to shot I hate my job my mom tried to kill herself my heads not in the right place right now. I need to figure me out. Please understand. and that he would be back and just because he couldnt talk to me didn't mean he dont care about me he said bye and it has been a month an 2wk and i mis him so bad. do you think he will be back and will he dump her an give me a chance?


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  • He might. But he might not.

    Figure out if you're willing to wait, and contemplate the other options you may be passing up while he's out there screwing up his life.


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