Do you think this guy is interested in me?

Yesterday we sat together in class and he kept talking about our other class during lecture and if I read the book because it seems interested. I suggested a way to study and he said then he was glad he met me. Toward the end of class he told me lets play tic taco toe, to kill time then he started playing hangman and it spelled out I'm hungry, but it was my turn for a seminar right after class. I see him four times in the week, Here are some other things that happened-made eye contact more than once, turned around several times & joked with the guy next to me, kept looking but I pretended not to see. I got up at the end of class & he stared while I walked up the row, I walked out the class when we were dismissed & he stopped me joking "You're in a hurry aren't you", because the teacher was taking forever to dismiss us & we chatted for a bit about the class. I sat on a bench & he passed me by & told me "See you later." In one of our classes he started talking to me about our other class & laughing. He mentioned he didn't have the book & asked if I had it & I said yea so he asked to borrow it. At the end of class he asked for my number & texted me a couple days ago because he couldn't find the teacher's example in the book. He was looking at the wrong book so it was all good but he told me to let him know if I needed anything. He also texted me yesterday to see if I did the homework because I was having trouble.


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  • He certainly likes you. He seems pretty interested, wouldn't you say? Notice how he has been being nice and finding increasing ways to be in contact with you? There's a reason! Hopefully the two of you are not so shy and indirect about it that you don't feel any need to play it off as if there were no interest.


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