What do you think the average timeline of a relationship is?

I know everyone has their own path and timing, and I'm not looking for "one true answer" just in your opinion what does a relationship timeline look like? It can be as you witness through friends and family or your own personal stages and timing :)

Also if you want to include any signs you look for at any stages or red flags that would be cool as well

Ok so everyone seems to not quite be getting the point... so an example might be
1-2months talking
2-5 months casual dating going out to eat
5-7 become exclusive
7-12 months meet friends and family
12 months- get engaged


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  • Start noticing each other
    Hanging out/Dating
    "Officially going out"
    "Officially in a relationship"
    Spend time at each other's place
    Plan Future
    Move in together
    Get Engaged/Married
    Plan Kids' future
    Kids leave home
    Plan Retirement

    • Red flags would any problems near the start of the relationship. They will usually be small enough to ignore but will often get worse. Things like tempers, violence/anger issues, stress, money problems, emotional problems, crazy ex's, trust issues, bad habits, not listening to you or being very appreciative, domineering parents. Everyone's on their best behaviour at the start and even up until the first year of marriage they may manage to keep up the act, but once they think they're settled you'll see everything full force. So, watch for little things early on. Any suspicions you can check them out with people that have known him a while.

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    • thank you =)

    • No problem you clearly put the most thought into it :)

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  • well i've never had a relationship longer then 3 months I could have made one last years probably even marriage, but it wasn't the right for either of us she just didn't realize it until I told her :(

  • No such thing as a timelime, IMHO.

    Depends entirely on the two people involved.


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  • Friends> Dating> relationship >engagement.. marriage. Divorce lol