Should I date my exs ex best friend?

My boyfriend ended up cheating on me with my "best friend" (some friend) again but cried and said "I'm so sorry i dont deserve you, you need better, I didn't think about it" and has been very depressed when I broke up with him. My other friends said I was to nice to him and that I gave him to many chances, they said he cheated on me because I am to kind and that he just uses me because I will cook and clean for his frat friends. We all became best friends and all dick around like family so lately his best friend Levi has started flirting with me openly saying "he always liked me and that I am the perfect girlfriend" I knew he liked me for at least a year, but I really like him but I feel horrible dating an exs friend, even though he just uses Levi aND all his friends for shit and takes my money. But should I try dating Levi? He is a really good guy and is like my best friend, plus he is really smart and is actually going somewhere and not bumming

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  • Better not... he 's good because he wants something on you after that what? next door of your friend?


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  • I'm in a similar situation, except I'm in highschool so I didn't cook or clean. I say go for it- if he wronged you and it wasn't a good split, you owe him nothing, especially if he cheated on you, which means he sorta ended it, or at least knew there was a HIGH percentage of you breaking up with him.
    You don't owe him anything, so I say go for it!


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  • yes of course why not?

  • Nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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